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Once a card is inserted, the 'install' line in the modprobe configuration will set acer aspire one 725 ahci controller up to behave appropriately, and then load the sdhci driver. BIOS v. This Aspire One BIOS no longer requires the above hacks to reprogram the SD controller's register 0xAE to 0x47, nor does it require the pciehp module to hotplug the controller when a card is inserted.

In fact, they reveal the controller during system startup and set the register to support SDHCI mode during the system boot process. As such, if you're running this BIOS version or newer, you can go ahead and ignore everything above and even back out the changes you made if you're already using Debian on your Aspire One. If you have an original XP disc Home, Pro ect to do the process with, and if the flash drive is large enough, there acer aspire one 725 ahci really be a problem. Not sure what to suggest other than checking the disc is original and good and the size of flash drive is OK.

Apart from that trying the process again from step 1.

That's all that really comes to mind. Oh well, maybe that was said.

Acer Aspire can't boot external ssd

Yes, it acer aspire one 725 ahci the HDD. No problem here. I installed Ubuntu Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Driver versions are available for choosing. Also, if there are faulty Aspire One drivers, do click Repair to fix the issue. So, what are the rules of this place? Check out our Acer Community User Agreement.


Register to get all the benefits of being a member! Glad I did, I'm not happy with the current state of Chrome. Acer aspire one 725 ahci really need to adopt something more like their mobile UI for full-screen mode. I have that Acer Aspire One with the same system specs as well. It's running Windows 7 fairly well, but even doing something simple like watching a Youtube or CNN video on it will bring the entire system to it's knees. It just doesn't have either the memory or the processing power to decode video with a decent framerate.

Acer aspire one eBay

I guess that it would be fine if you used it for word processing with an old version of Word, but it simply cannot handle a modern web browser. The fact is as far as Windows is concerned I hit the power button when I bought it to make sure it could boot, upgraded the RAM, did it again, then I plowed it and put Linux on it so I've never really seen acer aspire one 725 ahci well it works with Windows. The fact that Acer aspire one 725 ahci 7 Starter qualifies for t. In fairness, Word is merely a program that displays a mixture of text and graphics, that can be formatted in numerous ways, with or without style sheets, viewable on a variety of different media types, with a turing complete scripting language that's capable of controlling every facet of how each document is viewed, including interacting with the user via forms, and modifying the document on the fly.

Whereas a web browser also has to be able to download those documents via HTTP, which totally justifies it needing several hundred times as much memory. You can't gauge their speed as an indication of anything.

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It seemed impressive at first, but the daily Defender signature update brings the machine to its knees. That's unusable. I guess the answer is to install another security package, but that's a serious WTF.


The audio also doesn't work unless you disable it, then re-enable it in device manager. I reported this bug with every previous build to no avail. I wouldn't complain, but Microsoft claimed that every Vista-capable PC could run Windows 10, and that appears to be false.

Granted, it is a little beefier specs-wise, but I have the Win 10 Pro bit Preview installed on a Dell Inspiron from mid-'07 and it is running great. Use the boot option 'ahci. BSY only briefly. I probably wouldn't even bother trying to be honest.

Has anybody been able to use AHCI on an aspire one 725 running windows 8?

That's what I figured. Thank you for your reply Benny Keep up the good work man. I'll be back when I mess up my new Netbook. The Windows 7 DVD is staring, Win7 setup is starting and when it comes to Hard Drive options it says that no drive was detected and i should try search for drivers. It shows me this window: Screenshot from web. The laptop has the newest BIOS - 1.I recently purchased an aspire acer aspire one 725 ahci and immediatly upgraded to ssd using windows 8 Has anybody been able to make this work using AHCI in windows 8 ?.

Srinivas: Acer endeavors to provide its customers with best. Hi, I have an Ao Netbook, I have upgraded to a Corsair Force 3 60GB SSD, and imaged it with the original install that came with the.

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