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The default setting of the controller and system Setup usually allows you to install and boot from either a hard drive connected to the motherboard, or from a drive or array connected to the controller. Otherwise, skip to installing adaptec raid 2120s driver in your existing operating system, as described in This section describes how to create a bootable RAID 5 array with at least three drives. To select the ACU utility, press Enter. Page 36 Select the appropriate language on the Language screen, then press Enter.

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Read the information on the Licenses screen, adaptec raid 2120s press Enter again. The Adaptec installation CD main menu is displayed. Select Launch Configuration Utility. The system launches Adaptec Storage Manager.

The Adaptec Storage Manager screen appears. Page 37 12 When you are ready to continue, close all windows. The Main Menu is active.

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For details, page A The computer reads the disk. Respond to the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Adaptec - Adaptec SCSI RAID S

Shutdown the server. Installing the Driver Now that you have installed the drivers, refer to your NetWare documentation to modify disk partitions, apply hot fixes, or perform volume maintenance.

Page 49 The syntax to load the driver is: load [pathname]aacraid. Placing commas between command line options is optional.


If this does not occur, browse the CD and click Autorun. Entry-level SCSI servers and workstations, pedestal and rackmount. Up to 15 SCSI devices.

Adaptec Adaptec SCSI RAID S Controller Card -

Understanding Adaptec Storage Manager Initially, Adaptec Storage Manager displays a collapsed textual view of the configuration information adaptec raid 2120s both the Logical devices and Physical devices views. Page Component Views When you click a hotspare, the logical devices protected by that spare are highlighted.


In the graphical views, if the logical device uses only part of the available storage, only those segments are highlighted in dark adaptec raid 2120s. Also used to initialize and rescan drives. Sometimes, selecting an option displays another menu; After the array is adaptec raid 2120s, you need to use Adaptec Storage Manager to assign properties. To assign properties to the new array: 1 In the Array Properties menu, select an array type, then press Enter.

Page Managing Arrays 6 When you are finished, select Done.Low-profile single-channel Adaptec SCSI RAID Adaptec raid 2120s is a bit/66MHz Ultra RAID controller designed for entry-level and high-density servers. Advanced features include Adaptec's optimized disk utilization, Online Capacity Expansion, RAID Level Migration and full OS support.

Adaptec RAID 2120S Installation And User Manual

Adaptec SCSI RAID S/S Installation Guide. Using the Adaptec Bootable CD 3 Installing the Driver.

Driver Disks A Note About CD Support

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