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Current and WE x. Potential signals will be added to the Signal sampler. These signals can be sampled during electrochemical measurements see Figure Potential signals are available in the signal sampler Note: only the signals of the selected modules are shown. In FigureBA modules 2 and 3, autolab usb to WE 3 and WE 4respectively, are present in the instrument autolab usb not selected in the Hardware setup. Multi Autolab support Version 1. It is now possible to connect multiple Autolab instruments to the same computer and perform measurements using any of the connected devices.

The maximum number of devices is autolab usb to 8. Selection of the active device is performed using a dedicated toolbar see Figure Available devices are identified by their serial numbers or by the serial number of the external USB interface, if applicable.

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Figure — A dedicated toolbar is can be used to select autolab usb instrument Measurements can be performed on multiple instruments in the same way they are performed when a single instrument is connected to the computer. A single P a g e procedure can run on any of the available devices.

autolab usb However, only one instrument can be used during the measurements in this mode. It is also possible to control more than one device at the same time, in order to run the same or different procedures.

This can be done by using the Multi Autolab view. The Multi Autolab can be selected using the View menu or by clicking the in the toolbar see Figure Figure — The Multi Autolab view provides an interface through which two or more autolab usb can be controlled at the same time Note: more information on the control of multiple instruments can be found in the Multi Autolab tutorial, available from the Help menu.

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This command can be used create a synchronization point for two or more instruments in a procedure. When two or more instruments perform this procedure in Multi Autolab mode, the synchronization commands will force the instruments to hold until the number of instruments holding at the synchronization point matches the value defined by the user in the procedure, or until the command reaches the time limit, if applied see Figure Figure — The Multi Autolab software synchronization command can be used to synchronize two or more Autolabs during autolab usb Multi Autolab measurement Note: the timing accuracy of the software synchronization command is ms. More information can be found in the Multi Autolab tutorial, available from the Help menu. Instrument serial number and description in the database To simplify data management in the database, each experiment is now logged with the identifying serial number and the configuration name, if specified, in the database frame see Figure This additional information can be used to find data sets autolab usb easily.

Here - Metrohm Autolab

It is possible to use the database for sorting the experiments using any of the available columns and autolab usb filter the database contents using the provided tools in order to display only specific measurements. Figure — The database frame includes an Instrument serial number column and an Instrument description column Please refer to the User Manual and the Multi Autolab tutorial for more information. This application now supports multiple Autolab instruments. When the application starts it detects all available instruments connected to the computer see Figure Figure — The Diagnostics autolab usb automatically scans for all the connected instruments Note: the test can only be performed on a single instrument at a time. If more than one instrument is detected, a selection menu is displayed before the Diagnostics starts see Figure Instruments with an internal USB interface, or instruments with serial number beginning with AUT7 connected through an external USB interface, are identified by their own serial number.

If the hardware setup of the connected instrument can be located on the computer, the diagnostics test can be performed immediately.


Otherwise, the hardware setup for the connected instrument can be defined. Select the Autolab usb setup option from the Select menu see Figure Figure — The redesigned procedure validation screen autolab usb groups errors and warnings messages P a g e If only warnings are detected, the procedure can be started by pressing the OK button, although it is recommended to verify the warning messages before starting the measurement.

The frequency autolab usb data is first calculated through an FFT. One of four type of filtering strategies can be applied low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop.

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The filtered data is reconverted to time domain after the filtering is applied. Both tools can be selected from the right-click menu see Figure or can be added as commands in a Nova procedure. This analysis tool is also available as a command in the Analysis — general group of command. This analysis tool can only be used in combination with data sets that include the Time, Autolab usb 1. Autolab usb and, WE 1. Potential or ECN 1.


Potential see Figure It can be used to construct power spectrum density plots of potential, current and impedance for graphical analysis of noise data. Additional statistical indicators like noise resistance, pitting index, kurtosis and autolab usb are automatically calculated see Figure Clear plot button modification The clear plot button, available in the Measurement view, has been modified in order to allow the user to clear all the plots at once by clicking the clear plot button, or to clear one of the specific plot by extending the context menu by clicking the arrow button, ,located next to the clear button. Any one of the four plots can be cleared through this context menu see Figure Autolab software.

All Autolab instruments are software-controlled through a USB connection to a Windows PC. These dedicated applications give you full control. The installation of the Autolab USB drivers in Windows 7 is different from previous Windows versions. Furthermore, the standard installation of Windows 7.

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