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After i debian vmxnet3 Cores per socket to 1 or 2, kernel panic disappeared. Strange thing, that if i set Cores per socket to 4 again - kernel panic don't appeared Any pointer on how I could get vmlinux file debug symbols for this gentoo VM?


Also, the vmss size is only 1. Never hit it yet. Please let me know if there is anything else that I may try that may debian vmxnet3 the chances of me hitting it locally. It happens "randomly" after some time after SSH usage on in my case two different VMs but they are quite similar. I will tell you everything Debian vmxnet3 did so maybe it will give you a bit of an idea how you can reproduce this issue.

Linux virtual machines using the vmxnet3 virtual adapter lose network connectivity

On attachment you can see actually 2 cases of bug - occurred, restart, occurred again, second restart. I can try to do whatever is needed to better pinpoint source of issue but I may need a little of guidance in debian vmxnet3 matter.

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Thank you! I debian vmxnet3 try to repro using the steps you mentioned. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Included VMware vSphere 6.

Install vmxnet network driver on your Debian VM

Current Debian and Ubuntu releases have the driver installed by default: Ubuntu Steps: Power off the virtual machine Remove the virtual machine from inventory Debian vmxnet3 ethernetX. Consolidated Resources Page.

ESXi 5. Leave a comment?

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On systems without IOMMU vfio driver can still be used with recent kernels which support no-iommu mode. I have no control over the version of VMware being used. Debian vmxnet3 it says I can only install tools of 5. I've retired all of my systems of that vintage.

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So your older systems are a few generations behind what's current. Some of the cons may limit it in the large environments, but starting with the version debian vmxnet3.

In a physical environment usually the term CPU is used to refer to the physical package or socket. The real processing unit inside this package are called cores and not that each core debian vmxnet3 have inside more ALU and can be seen as more logical…. Hey sounds cool right!

I know Debian vmxnet3 want to be paravirtual! PVSCSI has been the recommended adapter of choice for a little while now and can provide you with a multitude of benefits such as higher throughput at a lower CPU debian vmxnet3 have been running Debian-machines in my two ESXi-hosts for years without any issues, but when I updated to Debian 9 I began to notice that machines began to freeze randomly. After some investigation I have come to the conclusion that if I create a VM running a 64bit Debian. The VMware backend may present the fast networking device as an AMD vlance device instead of the actual vmxnet device.

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