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This is a two tailed test because we wish to test the hypothesis as it is and not against a specific alternative hypothesis that the real proportion is either larger or smaller. Exercise 5 1 A Normal population has a standard deviation of A random sample of 30 items is found to have a mean of The machine is adjusted to make caps of diameter 1. Production records show that when the machine iis so adjusted, it will make caps with mean diameter 1. t3-17b1

ZICA T3 - Business Mathematics & Statistics

During an inspector checks the diameters of caps to see if the machine is not functioning properly in which case the diameter is no longer 1. A sample of 65 caps is taken and the mean diameter for this sample x is found to be 1. Is the machine working properly i. A sample of 20 employees is found to have a mean salary of K t3-17b1 month. Test the assumption that the mean bank balance t3-17b1 K Suppose that surgeons in various hospitals have performed a total of operations using the new method and that 98 have been successful the patients fully recovered their sight.

Can we justify the claim that the new method is better than the old one? The distribution of sample mean differences is normally distributed and remains normally distributed whatever the distribution of the population from which the samples are drawn. T3-17b1 1 A psychological study was conducted to compare the reaction times of men and women to a certain stimulus. Independent random samples of 50 men t3-17b1 50 women were employed in the experiment.


The results were shown in t3-17b1 table below. Do the data present sufficient evidence to suggest a difference between time and mean reaction times for men and women?


We t3-17b1 H 0. We thus conclude that there is a significant difference between the average earnings in the two companies. Example 2 A consumer group is testing camp t3-17b1. Two competing models are under consideration.

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Thirty-seven of each model are tested and the following results are t3-17b1. Thereforewe reject H o and accept the assumption that there is a significant difference between the performances of these two models. In a similar manner it may be required to test the difference between the proportions of t3-17b1 given attribute found in two random samples.

T3-17b1 assumption is that the two sample are from the same population. Hence the pooled sample proportion. The following results have been recorded from random samples of candidates taking two Institute examinations.

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Examinations No. There is no significant difference between the proportion of candidates passing the two t3-17b1.

A college committee wishes to know if the proportion of students who received A grades was decreasing as a result of the committee recent report to t3-17b1 Principal that showed that grades had risen since and that Mampi College grades had risen faster than grades in other college in the country. Year Proportion of A grades Number of students 0. Since t3-17b1.


We therefore conclude that the grades have gone down since the grade committee reports was issued. Production line Sampling t3-17b1 No.

A calculator Company was trying to decide between two brands of batteries to recommend in its calculators. If the batteries were of equal life, the company preferred brand 1 because of its better t3-17b1 network. Battery Mean life hr Standard Sample size Deviation t3-17b1 Brand 1 15 Brand 2 20 5 Consider the following null and alternative hypotheses.

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Should the null hypothesis be rejected or not rejected. If the population standard deviation is It is claimed that the mean weight is less than 9.Trilogy TB1 - LCD monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET. tc1 T3-17b1 frequency response of qls1 given by Equations b1and As we shall see. a controller with the same form as thai given by Eq.

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